Warming Sites

For the most up-to-date warming center information, please call 2-1-1 and speak to a Call Center Specialist.

Please call ahead to verify any COVID-19 restrictions that may be in place. This list is limited due to COVID-19 closures. If you are unable to find a warming site, please call 2-1-1 (1.800.427.4626).

Warming Centers agree to open their doors for individuals to seek shelter from excessive cold conditions during the hours listed. Excessive cold indicators are: wind chill is expected to be -15 degrees or less or the stagnant air temperature is 15 degrees. Please Note: Some sites may close during inclement weather and holidays.

Follow the link below to find the closest available warming center sorted by zip code. To ensure a site is operating during the time you plan to visit, please call the site ahead of time.

If you are an agency and are willing to be listed as a warming site, e-mail cathy.vaisvil@stl.unitedway.org.

View a map of the warming sites. 

Updated on 1/30/2024

If you have trouble locating a warming site, search the database and use the keywords “warming center” or call 2-1-1.