Community Information Exchange

Better Connected for Better Care

The Greater St. Louis Community Information Exchange (CIE) is a connected, collaborative, and equitable community of care that will improve the lives of people in and around the Greater St. Louis, Bi-State Region.

The CIE is an ecosystem comprised of a multi-disciplinary partner network that uses a shared language and an integrated technology platform to deliver enhanced community care planning. By focusing on these components, the CIE enables communities to shift away from a reactive approach to providing care to one that enables partners to integrate data from multiple sources and make bi-directional referrals to create a longitudinal record that promotes a proactive, holistic, person-centered system of care.


The current system requires the client to make repeated entries into multiple agencies to try and find help.

Alex can’t make rent this month and calls 2-1-1 to find help.

Alex gets connected to rent assistance, and is okay for now.

Before long, other needs arise and Alex begins the process again.


With CIE, the client can enter the ecosystem once, from any point, and get connected to the care needed from multiple partners.

Better care for the client. Better efficiency for the agencies. Better solutions for the community.

Alex can’t make rent this month and calls 2-1-1 to find help.

2-1-1 creates a holistic care profile, identifying Alex’s other relevant needs, and shares the profile with network partners for proactive care.

Proactive care means connecting Alex to network partners for all unmet social determinants of health, and partners update the network with data and outcomes to ensure Alex’s goals are reached.


Keep people at the center

No more letting people fall through the cracks.

Convene community service providers

People receive more holistic care, instead of only episodic assistance.

Improved client experience

A path to care with many ways to connect and no dead ends.

Proactive client engagement

Responding to a client’s request is only the first step, and is a shared responsibility among agency partners.

Streamlined intake process

Common language and integrated data improves efficiency and access throughout the network.


Streamlined intake

Access to big picture case history

Knowledge of network's available resources

Reduced fragmentation

Improved access to care


Tier 1

Connected Partners have the ability to make electronic referrals, including the functionality to send, accept and decline referrals and provide electronic status and outcome updates through CIE.

  • They receive only limited client information and do not have access to the full CIE client record. 

Tier 2

Integrated Partners have full access to the CIE shared client record with option for record look-ups, record creation, data sharing and bi-directional referrals.



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