COVID-19 Calls

Tier 2 and Tier 3 hours of operation
  • TIER 1
    • Tier 1 is open Mon-Fri from 8am to 8pm.
  • TIER 2
    • Tier 2 answers live calls Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm.
    • After hours, to transfer to Tier 2 go to COVID-19 After Hours address book and choose – STL County Tier 2 and transfer and let them know they’ll need to leave a voicemail.
  • TIER 3
    • Tier 3 has moved to voicemail only. To transfer to Tier 3, click New and COVID-19 After Hours – STL County Tier 3 After Hours and transfer. Just let the person know they’ll have to leave a voicemail.
Calls from Emergency Responders

If Emergency Responder (police, fire, EMS) – refer to: 636-891-5515

Calls from healthcare providers in St. Louis County
  • If healthcare providers calling about a patient in their office/at their office or hospital that they feel meet testing criteria and need approval, give them MDHSS phone number 1-800-392-0272 or 573-751-5152
  • If they would like information about requirements for testing, see CALLS FROM SICK PEOPLE IN ST LOUIS COUNTY
When to transfer a call to Tier 3
  • If you receive a call from someone who works at a long term care facility and they want to report a potential outbreak, TRANSFER TO TIER 3
  • If you receive a call from someone who works at a healthcare facility and they want to report a potential outbreak, TRANSFER TO TIER 3

When to transfer a call to Tier 2


  • Schools or businesses asking what they should be doing for coronavirus prevention, TRANSFER TO TIER 2
  • Individuals calling about what their employer should be doing for coronavirus prevention. USE FAQ’s to provide info on how it is spread and steps to prevent the spread. Advise them to have someone from their HR department or in leadership to further assess their risk, TRANSFER TO TIER 2.
Calls from sick people in St. Louis County
  • 1. To be tested for coronavirus a person must be symptomatic, with a fever and cough and/or shortness of breath AND at least one of the following:

2. Have been in close contact of a COVID patient who was Symptomatic at the time of contact and has symptoms


3. High risk (over 60, diagnosed with a chronic disease, immune system compromised) with symptoms


4. Hospitalized with symptoms

  • If yes to question 1 and either 2, 3, or 4 let them know that they meet the requirements for testing. Advise them to self-isolate (stay home, limited contact with those they live with) and then refer them to one of the locations listed under the FAQ’s – Coroanvirus FAQ Where can I get tested in the St. Louis Area?
  • If only answer yes to only one of the above criteria, let them know they do not meet the criteria for COVID-19 testing at this time.
    • Suggest they CALL their healthcare provider to discuss symptoms and possible treatment. Have them tell their provider that they do not meet the current testing criteria.
    • To ensure safety, ask that they NOT just show up to an emergency room, urgent care or primary care provider without first receiving instructions from their medical professional
    • Advise the person to practice good hygiene and stay home as much as possible while feeling sick
    • If they want to do a self screening, they can go to
  • THE SAME CRITERIA IS TRUE FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: In general, healthcare professionals must also meet the above criteria except:
    • If there has been exposure to a person with suspected COVID-19 without laboratory confirmation. Because of their often extensive and close contact with vulnerable patients in healthcare settings, even mild symptoms (e.g., sore throat) of COVID-19 should be evaluated among potentially exposed healthcare personnel.
    • In which case let the person know you’ll transfer them to the infectious disease team and transfer to Tier 3 voicemail
Complaints about non-compliance in St. Louis County

We understand your concern and St. Louis County is working to make sure the community understands these executive orders. Complaints can only be made online at

St. Louis County guidelines on limiting gatherings
  • Let them know basic information about how COVID19 is spread:
    • Thought mainly to spread person to person between people who are in close contact with one another (within 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes
    • These respiratory droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs
  • Take Steps to Protect against the virus
    • CDC encouraging cleaning hands often and avoid close contact
  • If someone is sick the CDC recommends they stay home, cover coughs and sneezes, wear a facemask to help prevent the spread of the droplets, clean and disinfect often


St. Louis County letters from public health authority

There are two kind of letters being distributed by St. Louis County Health Department.

  1. A letter saying that they may have been exposed and to call 314-615-8309. This is to help the county track down additional people who may need to be tested.
  2. A letter is sent to people who have received a test and are awaiting results. This letter provides them with detailed quarantined information and gives recommendations on cleaning, avoiding others, etc. At the bottom of this letter, it says “If you need to reach DPH staff for any reason, please 314-615-2660” (which is the county hotline). So, if you receive a call from someone who is awaiting test results and calls, transfer them to Tier 2.
  3. A letter informing a business or person that a non-compliance complaint has been made about them. Transfer these callers to Tier 2
St. Louis County schools, businesses, employers seek info about prevention
  • Transfer to Tier 2

  • If a community/organization is wanting a DPH staff member to come and speak